Traffic Tickets Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio

Traffic Tickets Lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio

State of Ohio

A midwestern state in the United States’ Great Lakes region, the state of Ohio is the 34th largest state in the US and the 7th most populous of the 50 United States.

Taking its name from the Ohio River, the term “Ohio” originated from the Seneca word “ohi:yo” which means “large creek” or “great river”.

The government of Ohio is comprised of an executive branch, with the Governor as its head; a legislative branch composed of the Ohio General Assembly; and a judicial branch, led by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Traffic Tickets in Ohio

A traffic ticket is a notice that is issued by a traffic law enforcement official to a motorist or other road user which indicates that a particular user has violated particular traffic laws.

Ohio Ticket Fines

The fines for a traffic ticket in Ohio can vary depending on your county and violation.

The Ohio ticket should have:
⦁ The due date for responding
⦁ The amount of fine you must pay
⦁ Whether or not a court appearance is needed

In case the ticket fine is not shown in your ticket, then you can contact the county court that is listed on the ticket.

Ticket Penalties

In addition to a traffic ticket fine, you will also obtain penalties that are uniform throughout Ohio. Your license type (instruction permit, CDL, etc), driving record history and the nature of the traffic of violation will determine the extent of the penalties.

Ohio Point System

Any driver in Ohio who made a traffic violation and issued a ticket is assessed a particular number of penalty pointed according to the kind of violation. If a driver is convicted of a subsequent or second offense within 2 years after the 1st violation, the point assessment for the new violation will be added to the driver’s previous total.

The points for particular moving violations are the following:


⦁ Using a motor vehicle in the commission of felony or committing crimes that is punishable as felony under the Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws
⦁ Operating a motor vehicle while your driver’s license is under revocation or suspension ⦁ Operating a motor vehicle without owner consent
⦁ Drag racing
⦁ Willingly eluding or fleeing a law enforcement officer
Failure to stop and reveal identity at the scene of a crash
⦁ Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drug abuse and/or alcohol
⦁ Homicide by vehicle


⦁ Wanton or willful disregard for the safety of a property or individuals


⦁ Operating a motor vehicle violating a restriction given by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ Registrar

2-Point Credit

A driver who accumulated over 5 but no more than 11 traffic violations is eligible for a one-time, 2-point credit by successfully completing an approved remedial driving course.

The 2-point credit that is offered via this program does not erase any violations from the official driving record of an individual and does not remove any prior conviction which an insurance company can take into consideration in premium assessments. Every violation will remain on the driver’s record, however, the points required for the 12-point suspension are extended by 2.

Moving Violations

This violation occurs when a traffic law is violated by a vehicle in motion. Examples of a moving violation are:

Drunk driving
Running a red light or stop sign

Non-Moving Violations

This type of violation is usually related to faulty equipment and parking.

Responding To Traffic Tickets

Depending on the traffic tickets you receive, you have but 3 options:

⦁ To pay your ticket fines in person, by mail or online
⦁ To request, a mitigation hearing and ask Ohio court to reduce your fine
⦁ To request a contested hearing and fight your ticket

The first 2 options are guilty pleas whereas the last option is a not-guilty plea.

Regardless of the plea, it must be entered before the due date of the ticket. This should be around 15 days from the infraction date.

Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC Law Firm: Reputable Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Ohio

If you ever been pulled over and issued a traffic ticket in Ohio, hiring a traffic ticket lawyer can help.

From just failing to use turn signal to speeding violations, even the most mundane traffic stop can quickly add up. Therefore a traffic ticket attorney can be of service especially regarding avoiding increased insurance rates, keeping points off your driver’s license and reducing fines.

When you decide to challenge your ticket, handling it alone can be a complicated process.

We can help you deal with it! Among the several things we can do to you as traffic ticket lawyers are:

⦁ Fill the gaps of your experience and knowledge with court and law procedures by acting as your legal representatives.
⦁ Getting the charges against you reduced or dropped
⦁ Avoiding points on your driving records
⦁ Revocation or suspension of your driver’s license