N. Zinger

I am ecstatic over the work that the Law Firm of Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC did regarding my personal injury case. After I was injured in a transportation accident, I felt extremely alone, and I couldn't find anyone who would listen to me nor take my case. During the initial meeting I had with the firm's attorneys, Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC gave me compassion, sympathy and their attentive ears; when before visiting them, all I received was indifference, rejection and callousness. The firm took my case and the heavy workload it would take to built it. In the many months that followed, I always felt like I was their only client, and I was always able to get in touch with them when I needed something or had a question regarding my case. Due to their hard work, I was able to recover a large sum of money - an amount large enough to invoke laughter at the other firms that I met with if I had told them that I believed my case to be worth as much as I ended up recovering. Thank you Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC! Thanks to you I feel like I have regained the dignity and joy for life I had before the accident occurred.

Edwin A. Ortiz Jr.

I was happy with the service.

Joanne Guevara

They were great was very nice. I'm proud of all of them. I'll use them again & tell my friends about them. Thank you all.

Alja Milton

To Whom It May Concern, I Alja Milton was very happy with the way Daniel Jacobs Law and staff treated me.

Jeremy Mareno

I Jeremy Mareno was happy with the services of Daniel L, Jacobs Jr.

Frances Quiñones

Estoy complacida y satisfecha con su grupo de abogado, no solamente resolvieron mi situacion sino que siempre me hicieron sentir segura y parte de la familia. Gracias por todo

Ronell Ames

Daniel L. Jacobs had an amazing service and staff with helping clients with accidents that may cause stress. I, as one of their clients, am very satisfied with their service. I will be sticking with them.

Jennifer Jennings

I, Jennifer Jennings, was very pleased with the law firm and the staff. They were very professional and the settlement check came right on time, right before Christmas. This was truly a great gift from the law firm.

Tiana Nobles

Thanks to Daniel L. Jacobs for everything. They get the job done and they make sure you get your money on time. Thanks to that! If you are looking for a perfect attorney, please contact Daniel L. Jacobs!

Codail Jains

The Law Firm of Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC was there for me in my greatest time of need. After my motor vehicle collision, my life felt like it was in tailspin. I no longer was able to work and enjoy my life due to my injuries. The team at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC helped walk me through the claim process, and treated me as if I was their only client. Thanks to their hard work, I was able to get compensated for my injuries in less than a year, and can now finally move on from the pain and inconvenience this motor vehicle collision caused.

ShaDeena Tate

After my children were injured in a school bus accident, we came to Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC to make sure that they had a voice with the insurance company. Because of their efforts, the team at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC was able to get my children compensation for their injuries.

Jordan Tangie

Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC worked hard to make sure my child was well represented after they were injured in a motor vehicle accident on their way from school. The team at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC understood just how dramatic an experience this ordeal was for a child. Because of their efforts to fight for my child, she was able to receive compensation for her injuries.

Melody Macaluso

Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC was honest and provided an open line of communication throughout my claim process. They worked tirelessly to ensure that I was able to recover the most amount of money possible from my claim, and got results fast!

Kevin Marr

After working with Daniel L Jacobs Jr, LLC, I am leaving as a satisfied customer. The staff and Daniel handled my case with integrity, loyalty and in a timely fashion. I am grateful for the service of the staff at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr. LLC.

Balaji Seetharamaiah

Daniel L Jacobs, Jr., LLC provided comfort and helped guide me through one of the most difficult times of my life. They were attentive to my needs and always treated me with respect. Thanks to their hard work, I was able to obtain compensation for my injuries both quickly and with my dignity intact – for that, I will always be grateful.

Thurman Miller

If you ever have a personal injury, the Daniel L. Jacobs Jr. LLC law firm is the firm you want to see.  I had personal experience with them and it was excellent.  

Monique Tatum

My accident left me with a lot of stress, questions and uncertainty. I contacted a few law firms before I finally decided to meet with Daniel L. Jacobs Jr. They were very prompt and professional. When I went to visit at their office for further consultation, the atmosphere and the way they greeted me made me feel like a very important client, and they took consideration for any conditions I had at the time. After the meeting I decided to hire them for my case and have not had any regrets. They contact me as needed and get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. Everything since then has been smooth and it's great to have all that stress lifted off my shoulders.