Personal Injury Lawyer Michigan

Personal Injury Lawyer in Michigan

State of Michigan

Michigan is a state in the Midwestern regions of the US. The state’s name was originated from mishigamaa, an Ojibwe term meaning “large lake” or “large water”.

The state of Michigan is the 10th most populous among the 50 American states with a population of around 10 million. Detroit is its largest city with a population of over 700,000.

Michigan is a republic with 3 branches of government: an executive branch which consists of the Governor of Michigan and other constitutional officers who are independently elected; legislative branch which consists of the Senate and House of Representative; and the judicial branch.

Personal Injury in Michigan

In general, personal injury refers to the physical and mental injuries (either minor or fatal) to an individual’s body which is caused by somebody else’s negligence.

Personal injuries in Michigan can occur in several ways, but the most common causes are the following:

Motorcycle accidents
Automobile accidents
Truck accidents
Boating accidents
Railroad accidents
Dog Bites
Medical malpractice
Slip-and-fall accidents
Sexual abuse

How To Determine Fault In A Michigan Personal Injury Case?

In order to collect money from a personal injury claim, the Michigan law requires you to prove that the other party was negligent. You need to prove that:

⦁ You suffered financial loss or damages as a result of your accident
⦁ There is a connection between your injury and the other party’s responsibilities
⦁ The party that caused your injury had a responsibility not to injure you however failed.

The Michigan law will reduce the total amount that you can recover if it is found that your carelessness also contributed to your injuries. And if t is proved that you are at least 51% responsible for your injuries, you cannot recover any amount of money from the other party.

If you were injured due to the negligence committed by someone else, that individual might be prosecuted under the Michigan criminal law. But, you still have to file a personal injury lawsuit in Michigan courts in order to recover money and pay for your injuries.

Daniel L. Jacobs, Jr., LLC Law Firm: Your Trusted Personal Injury Lawyers in Michigan

If you or someone you love has suffered from a serious personal injury, then you will need an experienced lawyer to fight for you. At Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC Law Firm, our lawyers are ready to help Michigan residents through the entire process of pursuing an injury claim.

On every step of the way, we will remain at your side and make sure that you will have access to the necessary medical care you need and acquire the financial compensation that is entitled to you under the Michigan law.

Here at Daniel L. Jacobs Jr., LLC Law Firm, we handle all types of personal injury cases:

⦁ Car Accidents

Whether you are struck from behind on a back road or in a major wreck on the main road, we will make sure to take care of your injuries after your car accident.

⦁ Motorcycle Or Truck Accidents

Because of the size difference between cars and both motorcycles and trucks, having an accident will more likely cause catastrophic injuries. We will make sure to bring to court the ones who did it to you!

⦁ Boat Accidents

Were you injured while boating because of somebody else’s negligence? Our experienced lawyers will fight for your maximum compensation.

⦁ Medical Malpractices

From failure to diagnose severe disease to surgical errors as well as birth trauma, we will promise you to conduct a full investigation into your case and whether or not medical practice played a role.

⦁ Premises Liability

Are you injured on somebody else’s property or home? Whether you were a victim of a dog bite or injures in a slip-and-fall accident, we can help you explore several recovery options.

⦁ On-The-Job Injuries

Most people who are injured from work are allowed to file an additional personal injury claim which is above and beyond their workers’ compensation. We can help you by showing you full range options.

⦁ Wrongful Death

In case you have lost someone precious to you because of somebody else’s negligence, we can help you protect your family by filing a wrongful death claim and fight with you to the end.

⦁ Social Security And Worker Compensation

Our law firm can help individuals who are in need of Social Security Disability Insurance or workers’ compensation if they are no longer able to work after their injury from the accident.

⦁ Social Security And Worker Compensation

Our law firm can help individuals who are in need of Social Security Disability Insurance or workers’ compensation if they are no longer able to work after their injury from the accident.

⦁ Short-Term And Long-Term Disability

In case you have been denied the long or short-term disability benefits that you deserve, our experienced law firm can help you fight back.

⦁ Fire Insurance Claims

Some insurer can deny fire loss claims for various reasons. Our attorneys will deal with these insurance companies and assist you with settling your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

⦁ Product Liability

When you work or buy a product, you do not expect to be hurt. If you or someone you loved got injured by a defective product, we can help you bring a lawsuit and get the right compensation for your injuries.