Personal Injury Lawyer North Carolina

Personal Injury Lawyer Charlotte NC

Have you been injured in a busy place or at your personal property that is due to someone else’s negligence? If yes, then you probably need to find an experienced personal injury attorney near you in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This attorney specializes in bringing the offenders to court and seek for damages. The plaintiff should possess the burden of proof in personal injury cases. And because of this, it is important for you to find an attorney that has a good record in obtaining settlements or successfully winning the jury trials.

The Law of Personal Injury

The law was founded because of the principle of accountability. A personal injury is when you have suffered from either a psychological or physical injury, which is due to the carelessness of the other person.

If you have suffered from a personal injury in a car accident, you should just let a personal injury attorney fight and handle things for you. The attorney will handle the offender that is liable for the lost wages, medical bills, and for your pain and suffering.

The Economic and Non-Economic Damages in Charlotte NC

When it comes to personal injury claims or lawsuit, you can recover to two types of personal injury damages, and these are:

Economic Damages

In almost all situations, economic damages are a bit easier to approve after recovering or still suffering from an accident. You’ll have to show your stack of medical bills and proofs of missed working days.

You can use the bills and records as your written reminder of monetary losses as your evidence. If you have been through an accident because of the carelessness of another person, you should consider all the things that you have lost because of the accident, and make sure that you collect each of their documentation, which includes:

⦁ Lost Future Wages. This is if you have been removed or cannot go back to your job
⦁ Medical bills for treatment
⦁ Costs that are related to the nursing care, or being assisted in activities of daily living
⦁ Ongoing costs of medical care
⦁ Lost wages
⦁ Rehabilitation cost, including the physical therapy
⦁ And other losses because of the accident

Non-Economic Damages

In this case, this is where most of the disagreement occurs when it comes to settling in talks with insurance companies. The amount of compensation that you can receive will depend on what you and the insurance company, or the court’s determination has negotiated with. This type of damages includes:

⦁ Negative impacts on personal relationships
⦁ Pain and suffering
⦁ Anxiety and mental stress
⦁ The decrease in quality of life
⦁ Losing interests in former hobbies

Experienced Charlotte NC Attorneys

The ability of the attorney to create a satisfying settlement is by depending on his or her knowledge and experience. Luckily in Charlotte NC, you can find a lot of well-known knowledgeable and highly experienced attorneys.

Most Charlotte NC law firms don’t charge a consultation fee or legal fee if they cannot win the case for you, or at least help you get your compensation reward after the trial.

Once the attorney that you have hired has successfully won the case, he might get a portion of your reward as your payment for the attorney’s fee.

What More Can A Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

Aside from fighting and helping you claim your compensation from the offender, they can accomplish more than the things that are listed above. And these are:

⦁ Advising Clients

Personal injury attorneys will advise you on what you should do and need for the court’s trial. He or she will ask for your medical bills, time-in record from your workplace, and other documentation that has something to do with your personal injury accident.

⦁ Explain You Your Rights

You can consult first on the attorney on what will happen and what you can gain after the trial. They will also explain your state’s law according to personal injuries, which will help you understand the system more.

⦁ Represents You

And of course, the attorney will represent you in the court. He will help fight for your case and will make sure that you would receive the compensation that you need. But remember, if the attorney that you have hired hadn’t asked for a fee before the trial started, or discussed the costs, it would mean that once you have claimed your compensation, you will have to share a portion of it to your attorney as your form of payment.


If the person that has injured you didn’t help you out as soon as the accident happens, and just left you on the road, if for example you have been hit by the offender's car, without any signs of helping you out. Then the need of hiring a personal injury attorney will be necessary so that you can claim your compensation, or at least a portion of the compensation to make out for all the bills that you have paid, and the lost wages because of not being able to go to work.